Thermal Transfer Overlay


One of  the world’s best cost-effective smart  coding machines, provides excellent solutions to soft-packaging coding in a wide range of fields like food, pharmacy, dairy industries, daily use chemicals, seeds and daily use paper, etc.

Unique Design
Adopt the unique 24 mm width Print Head, maximum width of ribbon reaches to 25mm, utter mostly save the print cost and satisfy most of clients’ printing requirements.

Adopt the self-own patent technology, no air needed in operation, suitable for all kinds of production environment, greatly improve the operation convenience.

Easy Operation
Plug-type Control Handle with a big screen, ergonomic design offers you good convenience like using a tablet computer.

Quick-operated menu allows you to edit and review the printing text on the screen and avoid mistakes.
Easy to install, convenient to change ribbons and do regular cleaning.

Efficient & Intelligent
Use long ribbon to reduce downtime.
Adopt 200dpi print head to make high quality prints of numbers, letters, characters, LOGO, real time, etc, and do no harm to the package.

Can print real-time date without manual updating, reduce mistakes.

In terms of overall cost, A02 has better performance than the traditional hot stamping coder.